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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Season to conclude quietly with no snow but fantastic weather

Snow showers and squalls Wednesday provided skiers with a steal from a value standpoint and has also supplied re-enforcements to a healthy April base of snow. The chilly conditions should persist through Friday but the overrunning precipitation event which had the potential to spread another blanket of snow to Vermont will bring mostly rain and will bring all of that rain to areas well to our south. Both Thursday and Friday should feature below freezing mornings, above freezing afternoons and great visibility with intervals of sun and high clouds.

No precipitation is expected over the weekend but the weather looks simply outstanding. Temperatures may start below freezing but the combination of sunshine and the erosion of support for the recent chill will allow temperatures to surge into the 50's during the afternoon. Sunday will feature a few more clouds perhaps but a mild southwesterly breeze will support even warmer temperatures to go along with great visibility once again. Readings during the afternoon could exceed 60 in the low lying areas.

Weather models have made a decisive turn toward milder weather next week and most of the country should see the effects of this. The proposed MRG closing date thus looks very well-timed as some serious dents in the snow pack should occur by the end of the week. We will do one more wrap-up blog entry but until then enjoy the weekend.


Eric said...

Thanks for the forecasting again this year Josh. Look forward to your posts all season long!!

Kristen S. said...

It's been a pleasure reading this season....can't wait for November! :)

gary said...

Thanks Josh for great weather reads this winter. Really enjoy your work!


Drew said...

What do you think, kind sir?

Spudman said...

Hi Josh,

I am creating a project using geographic information systems (GIS) to make choosing a ski resort easier for UVM students. I scoured your blog as well as the MRG website, and I couldn't find the information I need. Could you tell me MRG's average yearly snowfall from the fast 5-10 years?

I'm getting so excited for this season just thinking of this stuff. A prompt response would really help me get this project off the ground.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

George "Spud" Faison VI

original murph said...

Will the blog continue into the 2011-2012 season? Would really miss it this year.

Musings From the Man Cave said...

Hi Josh,

Looking forward to your blog starting up! La Nina again this season? Snowfall > or <290 iinches?


original murph said...
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