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Monday, December 17, 2012

Wet weather for Tuesday and again Thursday night

As expected, heavy precipitation is advancing northeast as below freezing temperatures gradually get scoured out of most of Vermont. Forecast atmospheric cross sections through the day Tuesday reveal that temperatures will simply be too warm to support snow in most locations and instead will see rain with some occasional sleet mixed in. The above freezing layer will hover close to the surface and should extend up between 3,000 and 5000 feet. This means that some of the high summits could still see some wet snow through the day tomorrow but even in these elevated locations, temperatures could challenge or exceed the freezing mark. Precipitation will become less intense and more sporadic Tuesday evening and night but also turn to snow as temperatures slowly move back toward the freezing mark.

I'll have a more complete update Tuesday evening but there is another intense storm late this week that is destined to impact the region. This system will amplify across the Midwest and over-amplify thus allowing a destructive swath of very warm temperatures to advance deep into New England Thursday night into early Friday. Unless there are some miraculous 11th hour changes regarding this system, the mountain is getting a period of rain, perhaps even a short period of heavy rain and thunderstorms. This is a powerful system that could very well bring blizzard conditions to portions of the Upper Midwest. The silver lining with this storm involves what is expected to be an eventual stalling this weekend over the Canadian Maritimes after the occlusion occurs. This sets the stage for several days of snow showers capable of yielding accumulations over a multi-day period


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Zach said...

Ugh, sad sad. Any chance we'll see some good snow before New Years weekend?

Can snowplow said...

I want everyone to get on your knees and let's pray for snow, as the low pressure is expected to stall over the Canadien Maritime. This could be God sent, if we believe. Wouldn't it be nice if we picked up 18" from this coming weekend event.