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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

MRG season to conclude with warm temperatures, soft snow and mostly rain-free

I have to confess I am a little tuned out on winter and snow thus the blog got a bit neglected. In spite of that, and the recent stretch of above-freezing days, deep snow remains across the high country of interior New England. MRG appears to be skiing quite nicely in spite of some recent rains and if you have been waiting for that sunny, good visibility day to attack the spring skiing then your wait will soon be over. Both Wednesday and Thursday should feature healthy doses of sunshine and warm afternoon temperatures, particularly Thursday where readings should climb into the 50's. Clouds will be more prevalent and we could see some light rain Thursday night or Friday but it shouldn't amount to much.

This brings us to the conclusion of the season at MRG and the weather appears as if it will cooperate. Clouds will gradually give way to some sunshine early Saturday, visibility will improve and temperatures will surge toward the 50-degree mark. On Sunday, clouds and moisture associated with a stronger push of warm temperatures will skirt northern New England but I think much of the wet weather will be confined to the St Lawrence Valley. There remains some disagreement amongst the models regarding this question but my educated guess is that the mountain stays dry although there could be more in the way of clouds. Once again, Sunday's temperatures should at least approach the 50 degree mark.

MRG will end its season Sunday, just in time for some 60 degree temperatures Monday followed by heavy rain possibly thunderstorms Monday night or Tuesday. A strong push of below normal temperatures along with some snow is then likely for the middle of the week. I know the skiing will continue for some but the blog will conclude with a final season wrap-up early next week.


Unknown said...

Josh, thanks for all your great work. We really appreciate it. Gary

NewEngland Tommy said...

Thank you Josh! As the years go by and time becomes more precious you make it easier to know when I should set aside time to go ski. You also give me an edge over my buddies when I can send some decent predictions and "storms to look for" over a week out. Might I say that Matt Noyes and Tim Kelly probably take a peek too?
Thank you, Tommy

ebeirne said...

Many thanks, Josh -- these forecasts got me through many a winter week!

Patti said...

Enjoy your blog so much!

Jim Monahan said...

Appreciate all the work

Adrian Goneau said...

My Sugarbush ski house buddies and I rely on your blog all winter to plan our weekends. Thanks for another great season!