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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Winter has been undergoing a slow fizzle but may crash altogether next week

We have experienced an amazing stretch of early spring weather. Lots of sunshiny days, lots of dry weather, lots of days where temps are above the all important 32-mark. There has been plenty of mud also on the dirt roads as the snow pack very slowly erodes over the Vermont high country. It has been a slow erosion since the pattern is still supporting some relative cold. It hasn't amounted to winter-like cold but it has, for the most part, served to provide for some cool nights. The cold will be reenforced Sunday and it will be done via the side door as a front crashes southward out of Quebec. There will be some snow that falls as this occurs although most of it will be farther east and the instability will not be strong enough to support a sizable terrain-induced accumulation. Flurries and snow showers will continue sporadically from late in the day Sunday through early Tuesday but accumulations will be minimal.

Temperatures will climb above the freezing Saturday afternoon and perhaps for a short time Sunday before remaining below freezing through most of Tuesday. After that, temperatures will turn mild and will do so very decisively. The pattern by late next week be driven by the PNA which will turn negative and favor a more active and cool scenario in the west. Mild weather will flood the northeast and should provide some great spring skiing while the snow lasts. I am not sure if we can survive the milder temperatures however and in spite some cooler weather that might follow during the last few days of the month it might be too little too late.

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