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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Amazing stretch of March warmth to gain even greater stature this week

Temperatures for the last week have averaged 12-15 degrees above normal, reaching the 60's twice and the 50's on 3 other occasions. Statistically, that is pretty remarkable but it will be surpassed in the coming days by another incredible stretch of warmth. I always think it is kind of silly to describe events as "record breaking" since there is a big distinction between "recorded history" which stretches back about 100-150 years and actual history which stretches back billions of years. More accurately, we can describe the coming days as weather more typical of early June, nearly 3 months from now. Temperatures will reach the 70's in low lying areas on three successive days beginning Tuesday. These types of temperatures will not only end the ski season prematurely but it will likely initiate the 2012 growing season a good month before last year.

March is most certainly an "anything goes" type of period in the calendar. Many times, March is the highlight of the ski season with winter storms providing big time powder and average bases often times peaking in the middle to later part of the month. In 1998 we had a few big dumps in late February and early March. Toward the end of the month we had a similar push of warmth which brought temperatures to 75 on successive days and I remember skiing "chute" in shorts. Unfortunately, the warmth has already done a number on the limited snow in Vermont but shorts is nonetheless the advised attire.

Cooler Canadian air will bring temperatures back into the 50's this upcoming Friday. This happens in front of a more organized weather system which will bring rain to the region Saturday. By Sunday, arctic air will return to the region and the period that follows (the last full week of March) could actually get a little winter-like.


Kristen S. said...

Since MRG is now closed, just wanted to say a big "thank you" once again for your informative blogging! Here's hoping for a much more powdery 2012-2013!

hennymatt said...

is there any xplanation to where/why this warm weather is happening??

Sick of everyone saying how great it is.....I want my winter back!