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Monday, December 9, 2013

More details on potential weekend storm !

I wasn't going to do any detailed update but with the MRG opening bell nearing and the weather this weekend "evolving", a brief one is warranted. On sunday we had discussed the possibility of snow on Sunday before more arctic chill encompasses the region early next week. The situation is a bit more intriguing however since a split in the jet stream and southern branch energy will be capable of incorporating more moisture into the equation. The last 1 or 2 cycles of models have clarified somewhat  the "if", the "when" and the "how" regarding the phasing of this system. And yes, we absolutely want this system to phase, we want it to phase a little earlier and we ultimately want a coastal low to absorb the systems energy off the New England coast. Although this is not etched in stone, it was certainly the trend in some of the last few bits of information. This system has a lot of the right ingredients to be a big snow producer, one certainly capable of getting winter mountain activities up and running.

Precipitation, we hope snow, would arrive late Saturday evening and persist through much of Sunday. More cold air then invades for Monday. Snowfall totals ? A bit too early for that speculation but we should at least up the range of expected snowfall for the next 7 days which should include some snow from snow showers and snow squalls Wednesday.

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