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Saturday, December 14, 2013

What a nice looking December winter storm !!

Opening day is upon us in what looks to be a very promising start to the season. Even the Champlain induced, terrain induced snow shower machine has chimed in with some help this week in front of one of the better early season storms we have seen in VT in a few years. Yes we have seen some stronger storms and this one shouldn't become part of any New England folklore; but nonetheless, this is a beautiful noreaster for us. The track of this storm will ultimately be right over Cape Cod, the ideal scenario for the MRG powder freaks such as myself and many others. Snow will begin Saturday evening and some very intense snow is possible between midnight and dawn Sunday. This is a fast moving system that should make it's way into the Gulf of Maine by midday Sunday and the snow should taper to flurries by the early afternoon. In the last few days it actually has been quite unnecessary to provide updates. Last Monday it looked like we could get a 1-2 footer and it looks like that now, 1-2 feet of noreaster powder, and hopefully a critical part of the MRG base for weeks to come this season. 

I want to provide a more detailed update on what we might expect for the Christmas holiday, seeing as the ski season will be in full swing and I will do so tomorrow. In the shorter term however, there is a nice little follow-up to the weekend storm that will arrive later Tuesday in the form of a clipper system. This system represents a fight between arctic air and pacific air, both competing for control of eastern North America. The result should be some fluffy snow Tuesday and Tuesday night and some additional powder for the Wednesday ski day. We still have at least one and maybe two pushes of warm air to deal with in the weekend prior to Christmas. We can talk about that tomorrow but for now enjoy the storm, its a beauty. 

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dan1 said...

Sixteen inches in Weston and still coming down. A beauty indeed.