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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Euro cries wolf again and Vermont misses yet another storm

Hype for an east coast reached yet another fever pitch but it was as if many had forgotten the last 6 weeks. It is important to preface the following statement by saying that the European model and its ensembles have had many terrific calls and have many times pinned down specifics on some of the most important weather events in New England ahead of competing information. The last 6 weeks has been a complete abomination for the Euro however with several false alarms. In a year so devoid of snowfall in Vermont, crying wolf is certainly not going to win any hearts and minds.

Barring a miraculous turn of events in the 11th hour, the Sunday/Monday storm is a miss. Even the most optimistic scenario has the storm farther east by about 100 miles. The cape and even Boston could still receive some snowfall but much of New Hampshire and Vermont including the Green and White Mountains will receive next to nothing.

Chilly temperatures will still dominate the region and in fact may thwart the coming milder push of temperatures for a few days. Some snowfall is in fact possible on Tuesday and Wednesday across northern New England thanks to a nice overrunning zone established by the mild push of temperatures battling the existing cold weather. Snowfall accumulations could amount to a few inches before temperatures finally climb above freezing Thursday and perhaps reach the 50's on Friday.

Assuming nothing crazy happens, the blog will conclude with a seasonal wrap-up sometime next week before going into spring and summer mode.


80sMetalForever said...

insert snapping board in half emoji here

Jared Miller said...

"We are onto Cincinnati."

David said...

I hope you'll provide us with some context for this winter as a whole when you wrap things up. I'm curious to know where this winter falls in terms of snowfall/temps on a historic level. Obviously, it's been really, reallybad, but how bad in context?

My son asked me if this was the warmest winter ever, and I wanted to say that it wasn't so much that it was exceptionally warm but that all our precipitation coincided with warmups due to the messed up El Nino jet stream. But I don't know if that is in fact the case.

Jared Miller said...

"We are onto Cincinnati."

gbc said...

Josh thanks for all your great work this, and every year. So many appreciate it so much. Think SNOW :)

More Cowbells said...

Euro just underwent an "upgrade" so guessing its performance in recent history has something to do with that…but more shocking was UK model solidly agreeing with Euro…and finally the SREFs agreeing with them.

I think it's pretty much a lock that this will be Albany's least snowy and warmest season in it's history since like 1880s.

John Malcolm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John M said...

Josh, as a new subscriber to your blog - just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work. I too am interested in an overall winter "recap" from you - if you can spare the time!

RLiuMRG said...

Josh is busy, I'll recap the season for you: "No snow, lots of rain."

Jonathan Donoghue said...

Not a great year to say the least, but still enjoyed reading this with lots of hope for snow!

JoshFox Fans said...

Hi Josh! I know the season was a disaster & Mad River has declared Uncle...but we are still skiing & skinning next door at Sugarbush & would love to see your thoughts on possible snow this week. Thanks!

Linda said...

I have been to Vermont many times and just love it there. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.


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