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Monday, March 13, 2017

20-30 inches should put us back in business !

Has there ever been a day more worthy of a special supplemental update. Perhaps one or two, but days like this should be treasured. We made the simple request yesterday that the upcoming big winter storm, which will qualify as a blizzard in many areas, to track 50-100 miles further west. Request granted ! That is exactly what the data is pointing to as of Monday afternoon. The last beautiful piece of info had the storm tracking close to Braintree, MA Tuesday evening. It doesn't get much better than that folks (It actually can, but that's ok). In addition, the storm looks especially powerful, capable of producing coastal flooding, gale force wind gusts and near white-out conditions. Were it not for the storms relatively brisk pace of movement, snowfall totals would be historic and comparable to Valentines Day '07 and March 4-6 2001.

Snow should begin around daybreak Tuesday and perhaps an hour or two earlier if we get lucky. The snow should be relatively steady for a time and then become incredibly intense during the afternoon and evening when we might see 3 inch an hour snowfall rates for a period of several hours. As we approach midnight Wednesday, the intensity of the snow will diminish somewhat but should nonetheless continue through much of the day ski day. So for the folks asking about the upslope, yes, we will receive a substantial terrain enhanced accumulation Wednesday bringing snowfall totals to the 20-30 inch category. So on the 3 year anniversary of what was one of our last true 2-footers, we are officially expecting another. As far as winds are concerned, they will be very strong Tuesday evening, Tuesday night and most of Wednesday. Directionally speaking winds should be blowing from the north late Tuesday and Tuesday night and northwest Wednesday.  Temperatures on the mountain should range between 8-16 during most of Tuesday and 10-20 most of Wednesday but winds will of course make those readings feel colder.

We also got better news regarding weather system for the upcoming weekend. It looks better positioned to deliver us some additional snowfall though I continue to expect changes as this remains a difficult storm to pin down. Generally speaking however, we continue to have a very winter-like outlook through March 24th


Jared Miller said...

See ya on the slopes!!!

eda said...
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Alec Ratzell said...

Maybe an April 1st ski trip is worth the thought

nemmerel said...

Eagle 555!

Christopher Killian said...

Good job making this storm do what we wanted, Josh :)

Chris Ferguson said...

If you joined the 21st century and had snowboarding and snowmaking you may just have a sustainable business model instead of an empty bank account!

Kevin O'Brien said...

Not really an issue since MRG is supported by shareholders, and we value natural snow and skiing enough to ensure that the mountain remains a place where both are prioritized.

Elizabeth Palchak said...

"Sustainable business model" - like Vail gobbling up ski resorts and putting small hills out of business? This is tricky stuff - I choose MRG because of the values that play out there...I wouldn't ski there w/o the current business model. Thanks for all the work, Josh!

Min Khaanh Lee said...

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Mama Sa said...

Thanks Chris - just the sort of comment that makes MRG skiers really, really glad we don't have to put up with boarders who think man made snow is snow and the more grooming the better. Head for Killington.

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