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Monday, February 12, 2007

Major storm set to strike northern/central Vermont

Biggest storm, on a synoptic scale, in at least 3 years is set to strike Mad River Glen and surrounding Vermont beginning late in the evening on Tuesday and lasting into Thursday. There will be both very heavy snow and high winds. The northern half of Vermont, the White Mountains of New Hampshire and much of Maine look to be in the storms sweet spot where total snowfall based on preliminary indications will be in the 18-36 inch range by late day Thursday. Wow !!! Coastal areas will see lots of sleet/ice and limited snowfall so don't be fooled if the forecast for Boston and New York downplays snowfall accumulations. Their loss is our gain !!

I'll have a full update later today but I have to be careful not to get stricken with storm attention deficit disorder here at work


skichucky said...

When you say "There loss is our gain" "there" should be spelled, THEIR. Come on JOSH!!!! Just busting you a bit, I wouldn't be a teacher otherwise, use you grammar check.

matt said...

yes, but can you spell


see you there,


Joshua Fox said...

Sorry, that was a big rush job this morning. "their loss" is a possessive isn't it. I am no english teacher that is for sure


Velvet said...

Eagerly awaiting your full report!

tig said...

Yeah I'm having trouble working!

daniel j. said...

Chooooooooo-choooooooo next stop, boner city!!!

Damon said...