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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Heavy snow Sunday Night to bring storm total to near 2 feet

The mixed precipitation or sleet is finished at Mad River and as it turned out, the mountain got rather lucky since the lull coincided well with the warmest part of the storm. How does the saying go ? If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all. My saying is more along the lines of "If it isn't cold enough to snow then it might as well not precipitate at all. I don't know about you but the two sayings sound synonymous to me. Our winter storm is intensifying very rapidly having just reached the Maine coast as of 6:30 pm Sunday. As a result, there is a very healthy conveyor of snow pivoting eastward that is set to deliver an additional 10-14 inches to the mountain tonight. No doubt that with all the wind received Sunday and more expected Sunday night, there will be plenty of fresh tracks to be had even late into the day Monday. Snow will taper to flurries by morning but the blustery conditions will continue.

We got another promising clipper system on Wednesday as well. Clipper's are inherently short on moisture but we do happen to be in a fairly good spot to get the most out of this one. Snow will begin during the morning and persist into the evening totaling as much as 6 inches before giving way to a reinforcing shot of colder weather. This reinforcing shot may be the last of the arctic air for a little off as we will be defending against a rather adverse pattern from Christmas Eve forward. More details on that to follow.

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Prosen said...

Hey Josh,

Given the high snow totals (80+ inches) for mid December, are you considering revising your season forecast? Or do you really think the rest of the season will be that bleak?