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Friday, March 7, 2008

The board is set for the weekend...

and it does not appear as if the storm will track far enough to the east for an all snow event. Precipitation may begin as a bit of snow Friday evening before going over to a sleet/freezing rain mixture overnight. This is a very powerful storm although appears that it will occlude before reaching interior New England. This means that the very warm temperatures will get pinched off well to the south and temperatures will be limited to within a few degrees of freezing Saturday. There will be nasty squall line which will include some heavy precipitation and even thunderstorms. I think this will begin impacting Vermont late in the day Saturday as either rain and/or rain and some sleet. At around midnight on Sunday, we will finally get the necessary cold weather to turn it all to snow. The snow should be of the steady variety for a while and then become more sporadic in intensity during the day Sunday. As damp as Saturday could be, Sunday can still be powdery and my very rough guess has the mountain getting 4-8 inches between midnight Sunday and the evening. This will be accompanied by the wind and sub-20 degree temperatures that I had mentioned in the last post.

So to summarize, no significant new snow for Saturday and we will instead get a sleet/freezing rain mixture that will eventually become a rain/sleet mixture. The precipitation will be heavy late in the day.

Sunday features some fresh powder to ski in and snow showers for a good chunk of the day. Obviously much will depend on the amount of powder we get Sunday as it relates to the quality of the skiing. That rough guess of 4-8 inches is what it is "rough".

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