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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Saturday night snow fever ??

Maybe, but you would not know it by watching the Weather Channel or by listening to the National Weather Service. The "guidance" that the American Model has given us weather gurus has a relatively weak weather system passing well to our south and a mainly dry, less than powdery result for Sunday. This system is the "BC Bomber" and has been named as such by Dr. Jonathon Weker who gave me the best of many good suggestions. Other available model guidance from our friends in Europe have a much stronger system tracking farther north and delivering 8-12 inches of snow by first tracks time Sunday. This is now high drama at the SCWB since we are now just three days away from the passage of this storm and our weather for Sunday morning could range from dry and cold with no new snow to heavy snow and one of the best ski days of the year. Have faith my friends ! The European and American medium range models have had this battle many times and the Euro usually wins. This happens mainly because the American model tends to have a southern bias with east coast storms.

Temperatures over the weekend will be chily but not overwhelmingly so. High temps Saturday will be in the teens with light winds. Sundays temps will be similar with stronger winds possible depending on the outcome of the aforementioned storm. The jet stream will become quite consolidated as we move into what will be a bone-chilling pattern for interior New England. It will mean a drier result but we are very safe from rain or freezing rain and this could be the case for the balance of the month amazingly. More snow is possible Tuesday from an Alberta Clipper and if your looking for good days to make an escape from work then look closely at Tuesday's. Temps will seem balmy compared to what will follow and we could get several inches of fluff before it turns drastically cold Wednesday. After that, the storm track will be quite suppressed and snow fall will be limited to weaker jet disturbances that prove capable of producing upslope.

I will try to provide an update late tomorrow regarding Saturday night and Sunday.


TJR said...


Right on, I like that Euro model for Sat. A look at the 48 hr front on NOAA web site kind of shows the same thing, and even a tail into the gulf.

Thank you for your time, dedication and sharing your knowledge.

TJ said...

Josh - you nailed that one. Sweet skiing today!!!!!! Thanks for the hard work and absurdly accurate forecast!