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Friday, February 22, 2013

6-12 Saturday night into Sunday but are bigger things on the way for the end of the month ?

The coastal low which is expected take shape Saturday near the Virginia Tidewater will strengthen Saturday night and pass about 100 miles east of Cape Cod Sunday. This is good enough for snow which should begin late in the ski day Saturday and continue into Saturday night, good enough for a powder day Sunday but a bit short of an epic storm. Snow should continue lightly through a good part of Sunday and accumulations are likely to be in the 6-12 inch range. Following up on the midweek powder, this puts the mountain in very good shape, perhaps the best of the season.

We can move the situation from "very good" to "epic" quickly next week with a fortuitous bounce from the snow gods.  A situation that seems to be distinctive to the late season but one that could have east coast powder hounds salivating and one that could leave the western powder lovers quite jealous. We talked about it Wednesday - another big storm getting wrapped up and occluding in the Great Lakes. Gradually however, this storm will proceed to the Atlantic Coast and is indicated to re-strengthen, perhaps in a big way. It will all be about conveyors of moisture and where they set up because the storm is likely going to get trapped along the coast by the Hudson Strait block to the north and an amplifying jet stream to the west. It's a situation conducive for several days of snow and some big accumulation totals and I am not talking about 6-12 inches. Stay tuned.


Zach said...

Booyah!! Powder day Sunday.

Can snowplow said...

I need more info regarding next Wednesday. "I'm not talking 6"-12"" has peaked my curiosity. Feed me more projective insight!


Todd said...

Ooh! Love the conveyor belt type storms.. last time I recall that happening, the MRV got like 45"+ in a 3 day period