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Friday, February 8, 2013

But could there be more where that came from ?

Much of northern Vermont got a nice dose of powder from the big noreaster. Perhaps not the thundersnow that was prevalent in Rhode Island and southeast Mass but I have been pleasantly surprised at accumulation totals from a storm that actually tracked off shore. Things are looking up, way up for skiers across New England. The "thaw" that appeared threatening a few days ago has been appears severely mitigated and temperatures will thus inch above freezing for a few hours Monday if at all. We could get some snow, mixed precipitation or a brief period of rain but we will not have a melt down. The front associated with Monday's precipitation producer may not bring the return of any arctic air but it will bring in a pool of instability and a day or two of terrain induced snow showers. The American model has been also hinting at a more significant snow in the middle of the upcoming week but I am of the opinion that the pattern will steer this sucker off shore.

The title of the update actually refers to next weekend where ensembles from several different sources are keying in on another potentially big storm. Much could change in a week but there are indications that inland areas of New England could be the focal point this go round. Although the pattern may not be anchored by the most ideal set of fundamentals. The "evil empire" is expected to drift west toward Hawaii and the negative NAO is expected to strengthen. If I can remember correctly this is much the same configuration that we saw when the late December storm hit and ensembles caught that one early as well. I will have a more complete update late this weekend. For now, enjoy a great weekend of wintry weather and take a ride on the single for me  !

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