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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dreamlike at MRG - Bottle this !

It's snowing out of almost everything right now. Even the passage of the most innocent looking disturbance Friday night brought a fluffy dump to the mountain bringing the seasonal total up past 150 inches. And this wasn't even the storm the blog has been all excited about.

Snow stemming from the giant overrunning system began late Saturday. Pull up a radar and you will notice how uninspired this system appears to be, amounting to merely a 200-mile zone of light snow stretching from the northern Great Lakes to interior New England. Though lacking in intensity, it will not lack in continuity. The snow should continue through most of the day Sunday amounting to a few more fluffy inches. By late in the day, a more organized area of low pressure will approach the New Jersey coastline. This will give the snowfall a more organized appearance on radar and we will be on the northern edge of some of the heaviest precipitation associated with this eastward moving system. We should see another 4-8 inches of snowfall between Sunday night and Monday day followed by an additional 1-2 inches Monday night. This would put the total snowfall for this 3-day storm at 8-14 inches. The heaviest snow will fall in a familiar area, northeast Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Incredibly, some of the higher resolution models are spitting out an additional 2 feet of snow in some areas already encased in nearly 50 inches of snow. That's ok though, with the help of Friday nights 8-12 inch surprise, we are doing almost as well.

Dry weather still follows for the middle of the week including a Wednesday that might include temperatures as high as 25 ! A massive late-week jet amplification is still expected with a clipper system being the catalyst. There are no indications right now of any southern branch moisture involvement but the clipper itself could blowup along the northeast coastline. My feeling right now is that if it does this, it does so farther southeast. That being said, we should expect a few inches Thursday into Thursday night.

Certainly no thaw for the President's day weekend holiday or into the week that follows. It's really just a question of how much in the way of storminess can impact the region. At the very least, we should get some help from another clipper system Saturday or Sunday. In the next update, we will spend some more time discussing snow possibilities in this all important weekend and week.

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