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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quick Saturday thump looking more likely

Though the weather has been generally sub-freezing through much of the month of March it will start becoming quite choppy in early April and some slow thawing is certainly on the horizon. In the short run, we finally have a moisture endowed weather system to talk about. A two-faced storm system with the first piece bringing a big mild push of air into the region. Some rain will arrive Thursday night and it will remain mostly cloudy and mild through Friday with temperatures in the 40's and 50's throughout the mountain. Models are currently confining a lot of the rain to the south of the mountain Friday which would turn out to be quite fortunate if your planning to do some spring skiing. I would not rule out a period of rain however during the day, at least not yet.

A strong cold front advances toward New England Friday night along with the 2nd piece of this storm. For a time it will remain a relatively weak low pressure center, but it will have a healthy amount of moisture and it will bring this moisture northeast out of the Plains as cold air descends southeast out of Canada. The storm will then strengthen very early Saturday and bomb off the New England coast later Saturday. Precipitation may remain rain for a few hours Friday night and then change to snow early Saturday around dawn. If the storm can deepen quickly Friday night, the snow could potentially be heavy for several hours and accumulate 6-10 inches by midday Saturday before tapering off during the afternoon. If the storm is slow to mature, we will be stuck with lighter snows.

Weaker disturbances are likely going to bring the mountain some additional snowfall Sunday or Monday or both. Needless to say it will be quite chilly in this period as well. Temperatures will fall back to sub-freezing levels by Saturday morning and will later turn blustery in the wake of whatever snow falls. Sunday morning will feature temperatures in the teens and limited sun will only bring afternoon readings to 30. By Tuesday, some thawing will recommence but the weather hardly appears delightful. A slow moving storm system in the middle of the country is likely to bring an expansive area of clouds to the central and eastern part of the country. Vermont will likely be on the north side of a nearly stationary temperature boundary and temperatures will remain mostly in the 30's as a result. Occasional rain and in places, some ice is also possible. If this entire conglomeration of weather can be further south, we might be talking about some snow but i would not count on it right now.

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