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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Storm has hardly been a thing of beauty

And the snow has fallen in fits and starts and has hardly been continuous. Still we will have the powder to ski in Thursday morning as promised although temperatures through the early afternoon will be close to the freezing mark at the base and some of the snow may turn wet for a time. The middle and upper troposphere will cool as the day progresses and this will cause critical layers of the atmosphere to destabilize and set the stage for roughly 36 hours of terrain induced snow. Colder temperatures and the convective nature of the precipitation will ensure a fluffy nature to the snow and will help boost snow totals. There is no huge reason to change the 1-2 foot expectations by Saturday morning but I am not particularly impressed with the initial conveyor of moisture and this may hurt our chances of exceeding the upper range but such is life (put a gun to my head right now and my total would be 10-20).

There is more welcomed news regarding our Manitoba Mauler. Its forecasted track has shifted north and although its interaction with the Atlantic Ocean might be more limited than previously thought, it is still supported by a potent disturbance which will have a more direct impact on interior New England. Most importantly for you weekend warriors is that the new snowfall may commence Saturday evening and continue through Sunday morning. The result will be several new inches of snow for Sunday the 22nd. So yes, the idea of 4 consecutive powder days is realistic.

4-6 inches for Thursday morning
4-8 inches Friday morning
2-4 inches Saturday morning
4-8 Sunday morning from the "Mauler"

More on the long range in a day or two but for now enjoy the powder !


dave said...

Will the Mauler hit south VT & North MASS???

Joshua Fox said...

Yes but central and northern VT will do better