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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Strengthening wave of low pressure delivers big snow for MRG

The third in a series of low pressure centers that have formed along this very slow moving front has brought snow to the region and a lot more of it than we would have thought a few days ago. The storm became stronger and more mature and models have picked up on this trend in the late going. The combination of heavy snow through Sunday night and temperatures in the teens and 20's is going to turn Monday into one of the better powder days of the year. This allows the last few days to fit very well into the traditions of New England weather-lore. An awful and depressing rain Sunday followed by one of the better storms of the year. Overall, the 12-20 inches will rank this storm close to the top for 2011 and below-freezing temperatures through the middle of the week should allow for a few days of good turns before our next system later in the week.


Murray Rider said...

Love your blog. Nobody saw this coming until yesterday. Keep blogging, and enjoy the powder tomorrow

Jim !

AtomicDoug said...

the system later this week will not be a huge soaking rain though??