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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Heavy snow overspreads the Green Mts Tuesday but will it continue ?

Just a quick update...

Good moderate to heavy snow is falling across the Green Mountains as of early evening Tuesday. We need this to keep up because the snow is falling through a small but very marginally above-freezing layer in the atmosphere. Would not at all be surprised to see some sleet and freezing rain mix into the snow later this evening. It could be a bit of a back and forth battle during the overnight depending on the intensity of the precipitation. The heavy stuff will come down more as snow while the light stuff will be more of a sleet/freezing rain mixture. By Wednesday morning, most of the heaviest precipitation will be over with and we will see sleet, freezing rain or even some plain rain for much of the day. I really do think total accumulations (5-10 inches) will be held down by the mixing but we will see a very healthy water equivalent out of this which means we have a great foundation to build on.

The atmosphere will cool enough Wednesday night for snow to re-commence and continue both Thursday, Friday and possibly into Saturday. The storm will have occluded, essentially meaning that it has reached its final state of maturation and will decay but it will only move very slowly as it does this. This is a set up that favors terrain enhanced snow and we could see an additional 6-12 inches over the 2-3 day period. We won't see the kind of snowfall rates we saw Tuesday evening but the steady light snow should add over the course of 3-days.

Still looking at some milder days late this weekend into early next week. A feared massive thaw is starting to look less lightly as come chillier air will sneak back into the region later in the week.

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