Think Snow, Tweet Snow !!!

Monday, February 4, 2008


And for those that don't like those numbers as much as I do then I have better news for you on the weather front. The weather system we are fighting this week has become more confusing by the day but as its disorganization works somewhat to our benefit and I will explain why in a minute. First of all we can still expect a few inches of snow in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday. This snow will precede lift opening and by the ceremonial first tracks time precipitation will be a sleet/freezing rain mixture if it is falling at all. Most of the day Tuesday will consist of low clouds and fog along with temperatures which are just above freezing. On Tuesday night, the second piece of this weather system approaches and precpitation will re-develop, this time as rain.

The last update I had some very valid concerns of 50 degree temperatures, 50 degree dewpoints and strong winds. Such conditions are an unmitigated disaster for skiing since they can work together to eat away at the base with dangerous efficiency. Fortunately, we no longer have to worry about any of these three things. What did I call it in the last post, an Indiana Jones ? Well we pulled one of those tricks with this system and will limit the damage as a result. We will get rain however which should begin in some earnest Tuesday night and persist into Wednesday with lighter winds and temperatures in the 30's. As the day progresses though the system will again split thanks largely to a disconnect which is occurring in the Jet Stream between the northern and southern half of the once consolidated Pacific Jet. The result of this will be the gradual infiltration of more cold air. And as a consequence of that will be a change over to sleet Wednesday evening followed by a change over to snow Thursday morning. The snow will be heavy enough to accumulate Thursday as powder and may amount to several inches (4-8 is my guess right now) before ending around midday.

As it turns out it will be a busy time for the mountain weather wise. A clipper system will bring more snow to the mountain Friday and then arctic air makes a big return for Sunday bringing with it both the cold and the snow. I will finish the update when I get off my plane (as I am at the airport now).


Alex & Celina said...

That was a GIANT victory, and we are still celebrating! Now, we're hoping you can pull off the same thing for MRG!?!

ahirsch said...

Are you coming back from the wasatch? can we see some snow like that in the near future?