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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Storm making its westward rotation

Snowfall accumulations have been on the light side so far but this is not unexpected. Snowfall rates were expected to be light until Saturday afternoon when the region attains access to a better plume of moisture. With any aggressive forecast, I am always concerned but I will stick to the call of 2-3 feet between Friday and Tuesday and if I am wrong I am wrong. In all honesty though, if we don't get an additional 8-12 inches of the fresh stuff by tomorrow morning I will likely be wrong. Either way, it still shapes up to be a nice powder day and if we don't get a foot tonight we will at least get some and the early risers should get rewarded with some fluffy turns during the Sunday AM.

It will be interesting to watch this storm do a southwestward sweep of Coastal New England before rotating out to sea. It is a monster and precipitation will extend well westward from its core. The most intense snow will not be much greater than an inch per hour and is indicated to fall between late Saturday and the pre-dawn hours of Monday. This still means two very solid powder days before snow tapers to flurries. Anyway I have to end this update early so I can head out for a little fishing in the Gulf of Maine ;)

All kidding aside, we should new snowfall limited to clipper systems and terrain enhancement from the middle of next week through around the 13th of the month. The PNA will make a surge into positive territory and we can credit the PNA with an assist in handing us perhaps our coldest weather of the season next weekend into early in the following week. The southern branch may be brewing some trouble again around the middle of the month and it is here when I expect our next chance for a "big" event.

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