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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Noreaster in the making but will its moisture be out of our reach ?

As we near another anniversary of the great "Blizzard of '78" we might recall (I unfortunately do not) how incredibly stormy that weather pattern was. The storms were lined up one after the other and were burying the Great Lakes and Northeast U.S. with some amazing snowfall totals. Another such pattern appears to be upon us, one of the stormiest I have seen since the inception of the SWCB for sure but we at MRG are begging to have something to show for it. As of now it has not been much. We have had a few nice storms, lots of glancing blows, some terrain induced fluff but we are certainly deserving of better particularly in a pattern such as this. As of now we continue to have a consensus of model data which is taking another mega-storm to our south. Such an event would be another huge hit for the I95 Megalopolis's but will be of little consequence in areas north of the Mass border. We have watched another cycle of model runs guide this ever-threatening looking noreaster just slightly farther to the north but we have a ways to go. Quite frankly I am sick of hearing all the newscasters suggest what a nuisance these storms are for the big cities. Bring them here where they belong and let the east coast get rain!

The problem fundamentally is that the dominating blocking feature in the jet stream is too far south and its expansive influence will have a drying effect on northern New England since jet energy has no choice but to travel well south and well under the blocking. It is such a powerful storm that the game is far from over. We are down by a few runs in the 7th inning but can the game is not out of reach yet.

In addition, the storminess will continue as I mentioned and the cold weather will be re-enforced in a big way across much of the eastern United States. Another storm during the early to middle part of next week will bring us another chance for some much needed powder before we turn sharply colder later in the week. Another update will come in a day or two but until put your snow shovel away for the season as a way of earning some karma.

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Nate D said...

nice baseball analogy!